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Hey friends !
Sorry for not updating and i will not be updating.

No internet. Has been cut ! Damnnnnnn ! That explains why.
Right now, im at my aunt's house. I am now slacking using my cousin's laptop.

I really do miss blogging and chatting. I will be back soon. Be patience ya.
I miss all my cyber friends. =D

Love and kisses from me.
Updates :
  • yesterday i had a whole day sleeping.
  • i woke up and went online to chat with my love ones.
  • i was otp with some old friends till late in the morning.
  • i woke up/ took my shower and had my breakfast.
  • check my mails and tagged.
  • went online where there's nobody to chat with so i appeared offline.
  • re-customize my blog again and again -_-
  • i had a chat wit one or two friends talking shits. yeah !
  • now i am here posting something on my blog.

And to all the couples who is celebrating Valentine Day, I wish you all the best and last long with your love ones. Keep rocking each other ass.

Happy surfing people =)


Happy 20thBirthday Errie! ~
Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezekimu


Time checked : 3.34pm. Currently I am all alone at home. Both sisters is working. Parents is out to settle something urgent. Left me who is always slackign around at home. HAHA !
I am so damn bored. I was on MSN a while ago but I decided to offline due to the boredness I cant take it. I was chatting with both my ex-secondary schoolmates but one is busy with her work and the other he is busy with something else. Then I went to check my Tagged. I re-customize my background. I have an itchy hands I tell you. Huhur ~

By the way, I've already topped up my prepaid. Yipeeee ! I only message with certain people that I feel like messaging with. To those that I didnt reply or answer your call means I am not least interested to reply your message or to answer your call. Too bad and so sorry.

Lately Ive been eating non-stop. I think Ive gained weight. Fuyoooo ! My cheeks is getting chubbier I guess but I am still the same Amirah. Heh ! Now I am so hungry. I kept thinking about the LJS that mum is bringing back home. I cant wait any longer. Mum where are you ? Be home fast will you ? HAHA !
Im not going out to meet mum because I am lazy to do so. Seriously my body is aching all over. Im not sure why but it has been happening for quite a while. Damn ! I think I wanna go for a massage soon :) Heh !
I think I have typed what I wanted to type. Happy surfing :)

And not forgetting :



I dont know why I kept crying. I felt so sad. I dont know what is happening to me nowadays. My tears will just flow out from my eyes. Im not thinking of anything sad neither do I think about my "ex". I've already moved on and leading a happy life now. I have my family and friends by my side. Im contented enough.

I do feel lonely sometimes. I do get jealous when I saw my friends is happily living with someone special which is their's boyfriend or girlfriends. I have an intention of getting a boyfriend myself but my thought kept telling me that boys are all the same.

I regretted for giving my heart to him and loving him 100% before. I can feel how painful is my heart pain. It took a long time for me to heal that broken heart of mine. I dont wish to repeat the same mistake ever again. Dont be too rushy about going into a relationship. I've learnt my lesson. Let's drop the subject.

Currently I am on MSN chatting with my beloved peoples. I love them. They are always there to cheer me up. Prepaid is damn low. Left with only 2 cents. I tell you Im a heavy user. Haha. Anyways, mum has bought me the top-up card but Im not gonna top any soon. To those who message me, Im utterly sorry for not able to reply your messages. It will be better if Im not using phone. My life will be wonderful. No need to go thru the hassle replying messages or talking on the phone till late nights. HAHA !

I dont have plan for tomorrow but my mum asked me to meet her after work to have LJS with her. I will see how. Im still tired from that last Sunday. My mind is blank right now. I think I will end here for now. Happy surfing readers/bloghoppers/friends =)


Kyn's Birthday Bbq Pit

Hello friends/readers/bloghoppers. I am here to update about yesterday. It was eekyn's birthday bbq pit. It was damn super fun I tell you. I missed my friends and yesterday I get to let all my misses out to my friends especially eekyn. She is the person that I miss most. Mostly of the people eekyn invited at the bbq pit was the ITE Macpherson mates =) Love you peoples !

This what happened yesterday. I woke up in the morning at about 10 plus. My prepaid was damn low. I couldn't answer or reply back my friend's call/message. Mal kept calling me but I didn't know wht he wants from me. I knew he was coming but I'm sorry Mal I can't answer your call. Bobo and I have decided to meet-up at the Bedok Interchange so I guess Bobo must have told Mal to meet us at the bus interchange. So I reached the interchange at 2 plus. Bo was already there standing waiting for me. He thought I would reach first. HAHA ! (Aku sorry eh BO ; tak sengaja) Then Bobo and I had to wait for Mal to come. So he came a few minutes later after I came.

Then we headed to the watch shop which is next to the Sportlink as Bobo wanted to buy a new watch for himself. He told me that he wants a cheap and a nice watch to wear. So I showed the way and he bought a purple watch and it only cost $8. Damn nice. I feel like buying but I'm cashless. After that, Bobo and Mal complained that the both of them were hungry. So they wanted to go makan. So we headed to the hawker center which was fully-half packed. Mostly of the stalls is closed. So the both of them decided to have the Indian food. Bobo ordered a plate of Mee Goreng while Mal ordered a plate of Fried Rice. I had nothing cause I'm already full. So I just had my drink that was treated by Mal. Thank you so much Mal =) Bobo finished up his plate of mee goreng but Mal did not finish his fried rice as he complained that the fried rice is not cooked and it is not to what he odered. What a wasteful. Then both of them went to withdraw their's money at the ATM. Then we proceeded to the bus interchange to get bus 401. So as we were reaching at the berth, we missed the bus but nevermind. we waited for such a long time after another bus came.

We board the bus. Bobo, as usual he was having fun and making noises in the bus. He talked so loudly like nobody's business. HAHAHA ! He is like that but at the same I enjoyed and I laughed all the way included Mal too. A few stops, we reached the venue but guess what. Bobo was complaining that we had to walk. HAHAHA ! But seriously I tell you it was damn far from the place that we alighted. I was sweating profusely due to the weather. Let me tell you, the weather was damn sorching hot. We walked and walked and we finally reached the pit C24. I was so delighted to see eekyn. I miss her so much. Seriously shit. HAHAHA ! I hugged her and I was complaining to her about Bobo and Mal. She laughed. (You know I know)

We sat after the rest came. It was really a hot day. Somemore they are baberqueing some chickens/crabmeats/hotdogs. So the smoke was directing to where we were sitting and it added to the hotness. I sat down quietly as I felt akward. Because it's been such a long time I didn't meet the rest and there's a few of them I knew and saw in school before but we have never talk to each other. That was the weirdful part. Seriously but I had fun yesterday. I was distressing myself at the same time.

I guess I need my friends as my remedy =)

Here are some pictures that I took :

Representing EEKYN(b'day girl)
Aww ! what a sweet smile.

The best entertainer and the right
person to make us laugh ; BOBO

Akmal is the name.

That's Firhan. He won every
rounds of taiti game and look
how happy eekyn is. Hees=)

eekyn was on smile for the whole
day. a sweet one somemore.

There's more to come. All pictures of us is captured in Bobo's camera. Bloody camera had to be spoilt on the day I badly want to use. Grr !~

I will upload it once Bobo has send me the pictures=)
Till here then ; takecare.

As I promised you people/readers that I will be updating the rest of the pictures right ? So here it goes.

Pictures that were taken at Bobo's camera:

see how happy i am and so do
the birthday girl =)

Ayn ; Nurul ; Eekyn ; Lala & Me

The Three Gorgeous Ladies

From left to right :
Me ; Kalipah ; Ayn ; Mal ; Eekyn ; Don; Nurul; Bobo ; Lala

Our friendship will never end.

A special message to Eekyn :

Hey girl, thank you so much for everything that you have done. We appreciated your organisation for your birthday bbq pit. It was an awesome moments for me as its been such a long time I didn't manage to see you or to go out with you girl. Yesterday was really happening with all the mates around. They made this happened and guess what it is all because of YOU.
We hope that you had an enjoyable moments too =)
Iloveyousomuch Eekyn.


Dear Eekyn,
You have turned to 20 years old. (dah kakak2 lah dia)
May all your wishes come true and all the best in your love & career life.
I want you to know that I am always there for you. I want to know too that you are always loved by me and remember that you aren't worthless in my eyes. See you this Sunday alright =)
Takecare Eekyn
Hello people !
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